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Social Fundraising with a Tee




Who can run a campaign?

Anyone with based in Australia, with a worthy cause. Charities, Organisations and Individuals can start a campaign.


What fees are there for successful campaigns?

All fees are included in the cost of the shirts, including shipping. Credit card, Paypal  fees are separate and will be charged at the end of a successful campaign to each contributor.


Am I commiting to a purchase when I add an order through the designer Shopping cart?

No. The cart works out the cost of the shirts and printing that will be deducted from the proceeds of a successful campaign. 


Can I have my shirts shipped to one address?

Yes, we can arrange this. 


Can I have my shirts shipped to individual addresses to each contributor?

Yes. Contributors will be charged for shipping in this case.


Are there any fees if my campaign is not successful?

No. There are no fees.


I have an idea for my design. Can you assist?

Yes we can assist. Please contact us.


Can I upload my own images and photos for my t-shirt design?

Yes. Just click on the "Upload Image" in the design studio's  left menu.


What is the minimum number of shirts I can order for my campaign?

The minimum is 25.


How much can profit can I make from each shirt?

That depends on the number of shirts sold. On average it is about $10 per shirt.


What payment methods are accepted?

We accept Paypal as our main payment method. Funds will be drawn from contributors Paypal account upon the successful completion of a campaign goal.




Peter StClair

 Address: Brisbane, Australia

 Phone: 0490051942



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